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The New Standard
in Control Systems


Sentinel ProTech offer a highly secure and flexible solutions to your access control management and integration

Let Sentinel Data Management Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

With Technologies like

  • 3D Structured Light Facial

  • Fingerprint Recognition

  • FingerVein Recognition

  • 3 in 1 Palm Recognition

  • Visible Light Facial Recognition

Just to mention a few, Sentinel can elevate your business to a new era

Cloud Management and Integration

Control daily operations from anywhere. Increase efficiency with our detailed reporting systems

Versatility in Application

Our wide range of versatile access control products include

  • All weather systems

  • Intrusion Detection

  • CCTV and Video Management

  • Wireless Communications

Just to mention a few.

Access Control That Enables You

Access control is crucial for protecting physical assets, facilities and people. We configure software & hardware, to meet the budget and security, you need. 

Mobile Access Control

Allow personnel to conveniently access using their smartphones with securely issued mobile credentials

Unprecedented Security Threats. Need Impeccable Reliability.

" In Order To Succeed We Most First Believe That We Can "

Nikos Kazantzakis

Cloud Management Services

Video Network Integration

Smart Entrance Control 

Smart Locks

Video Parking Guidance System

Smart Security Gate

Remote Door Operations

Wireless Solutions

We Take Pride On The Products Quality We Recommend


Years of Products Innovation & Manufacturing


Thousands On Products Installations


Millions Of Products Manufacture


Countries World Wide


Industry Award Certifications

Our Products


Is Your Business Ready To Face The Future

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